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Chairman’s Message

We work according to our faith that advocacy is a message of justice achievement. May Allah grant us the ability to work usefully and fruitfully to perform our message in dignity.

As we consider the lawyer as the light that guides judges in their way to right.

Our aim is to maintain justice of Allah, Lord of the universe, (Allah in heaven), because Allah is just.

We promised to be the best representatives in achieving Allah justice on earth among his faithful slaves.

We solve issues using the best legal ways and laws along with our legal talent granted to us by Lord of heavens.

Money is not our aim. Actually, we aim to spread message of justice and patronize the aggrieved.

About Mr. Mohammed Al Hashimi

Mr. Mohammed Al Hashimi is the Chair and founder member of Mohamed Al Hashimi Advocates and Legal Consultants. He is an experienced UAE qualified advocate and holds a law degree from the University of Ajman and a Masters Degree in Law. He has over 18 years’ experience in civil and criminal litigation and is licensed to represent clients in all legal matters before all courts in the UAE.

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